TAG stands at the forefront in the battle of the nisayon of technology. We engage in cutting edge technology to help the filter companies come out with the best filters. We provide Awareness to the community through counseling, seforim and periodicals. We provide free community service for Computers, Smartphones, Laptops and many other digital devices to have them blocked or filtered in order to retain our Yiddishe values.

Hineini is a 52 week curriculum- created by TAG to give the future mothers of Klal Yisroel, Hashkofos and tools on how to live their lives and fight the nisyonos of technology. It's currently taught in 101 schools across the world. Call our Hotline 302-HINEINI (302-446-3464).

Our Services

Free Filter Installation

We install filters for free!*

*Any charges incurred go directly to the filter company.

Guidance on Choosing Devices

Some devices can be filtered better than others - we will help you choose a device

Live Tech Support

Call our number for Live Tech Support 15 hours a day

Hashkafa Guidance

TAG will guide you through some of the difficult choices technology poses.

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